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It comes as no surprise that President Barack Obama commented on his clever plan to dissuade his daughters from getting tattoos as a means of rebellion; the man has proven to be “modern” and in touch with pop culture from music to sports and all things in between.  Recently, our Commander in Chief was interviewed by NBC’s “Today” where he explained certain pre-emptive measures he and the first lady, Michelle Obama, are taking in order to have his two daughters reconsider any future ink decisions.  

The Presidential Couple hatched out a master plan centered around the threat of national embarrassment.  “If you guys ever decide you’re going to get a tattoo, then mommy and me will get the exact same tattoo in the same place.  And we’ll go on YouTube and show it off as a family tattoo” he said, with a sheepish grin on his face.  As they say, fight fire with fire, or in this case, ink.

Obama’s point is obvious; everything the President and his family does is looked at through a microscope and nothing flies under the radar.  If you recall, the daughters of George W. Bush were cited as minors in possession of alcohol on several occasions which only brought negative publicity to an already troubled presidential campaign.  Ultimately, when Sasha and Malia Obama turn 18, it will be their decision and their consequences to deal with, but we will all surely know about it.

Will the Obama daughters test their father and get inked up when they are of age?  Perhaps they’ll one-up the President and get something totally ludacris permanently engraved on their skin for their parents to replicate.  Or will Barack Obama’s intimidation tactics be successful and make the girls reconsider?

From MaciekV7's blog 

It's easy enough to find a shop where you could get a tattoo on your body in an hour or so, but finding a reputable tattoo shop is what many people getting a tattoo strive to do.

Finding a reputable tattoo shop is really important, because a tattoo will never come off of your body, so making absolutely sure you have found the right place is vital.

Some easy tips for finding a reputable tattoo shop:

If you have friends, family or co-workers that have tattoos you can easily ask them where they got their tattoo, and whether or not their experience was good or bad. People love to talk about their tattoos, so even asking someone you've never met before can strike up a good conversation. One thing I have found, is that whether people love their tattoos or hate them, they are generally really happy to tell you where they got their work done.

The best tattoo shops will be very welcoming and glad to get your business. When you meet a tattoo artist he or she should be very friendly and they shouldn't be trying to intimidate you, at no time should they try to make you get a certain design. In no way should the artist try to push on you to get a more expensive design if you are just after getting something small.

A great way to find a tattoo shop is looking on the internet or a local phone book can also be a good idea to find parlors in your area. The keyword to look for is of course tattoos, once you find some shop simply drive out there and take a look, if you are pleased with what you see, you can come back, you should never rush this decision and take your time looking around for the best shop for you.

Today you can see that famous people to ordinary ones in the street are sporting this thing. It has become a fashion trend in the world of jewelry today, even become a status symbol for some.

But before you even decide to have any part of your body pierced, know that this is more than a fashion or status symbol for this involves your health. It is just right to consider the following points before going to pierce.

1. Go to a professional piercer. Make sure that his piercing studio has all the documents to prove its legal operation and that he is apt to perform any type of piercing.

2. A piercing is a wound in the skin. It must be taken care of carefully and regularly for proper healing. I can just imagine this nine-year-old deciding to climb a tree, getting the piercing snagged on a branch, ripping it out, getting an infection, ending up in the hospital, and here come the parents with an attorney to sue me.

3. There's a reason tattoo studios are licensed and inspected by local health departments. To keep the clients safe. To prevent the spread of disease. To monitor how tattoo/piercing salons are performing their services. To prevent sickness, illness, and permanent injury to clients.

4.Healing usually takes six to eight weeks but it is better to give your body more time to adjust before you start changing your belly body jewelry. A good after care should be observed and one should follow the instruction of the piercer to the dot for faster healing.

5. Avoid this kind of metal options like Sterling silver for new piercing. Silver tarnish and that's not good with open wound at all. Gold plated jewelry isn't good too because it might cause irritation and infection.

With all things considered above, you are ready to get pierced. Always make sure to go to a professional piercer and if you are not yet sure what metal to use for then ask your professional piercer for any recommendations on the best metal choice to use.


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