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It's easy enough to find a shop where you could get a tattoo on your body in an hour or so, but finding a reputable tattoo shop is what many people getting a tattoo strive to do.

Finding a reputable tattoo shop is really important, because a tattoo will never come off of your body, so making absolutely sure you have found the right place is vital.

Some easy tips for finding a reputable tattoo shop:

If you have friends, family or co-workers that have tattoos you can easily ask them where they got their tattoo, and whether or not their experience was good or bad. People love to talk about their tattoos, so even asking someone you've never met before can strike up a good conversation. One thing I have found, is that whether people love their tattoos or hate them, they are generally really happy to tell you where they got their work done.

The best tattoo shops will be very welcoming and glad to get your business. When you meet a tattoo artist he or she should be very friendly and they shouldn't be trying to intimidate you, at no time should they try to make you get a certain design. In no way should the artist try to push on you to get a more expensive design if you are just after getting something small.

A great way to find a tattoo shop is looking on the internet or a local phone book can also be a good idea to find parlors in your area. The keyword to look for is of course tattoos, once you find some shop simply drive out there and take a look, if you are pleased with what you see, you can come back, you should never rush this decision and take your time looking around for the best shop for you.



06/12/2013 6:28am

The popularity of tattoos has really exploded over the past many years. Along with that popularity comes an increased demand and more and more tattoo studios and tattooists to meet that demand. It almost seems like "Tattoo Shops" are popping up on every corner.


I consider tattoos as a work of art. An art that's become part of a person's skin. To be honest, I've been really wanting to get a tattoo for ever since. But I haven't made up my mind yet about the design of my first tattoo. Right now, I'm still in the process of coming up with a very unique and close to my heart design of my first tattoo. Wish me luck soon!

05/24/2015 1:31am

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08/20/2016 10:28am

I want to get a tattoo on my body. In this case I am finding a reputable tattoo shop. I will ask my friends who have gotten tattoos on their body as your suggestion,


First of all you need to fing a very professiona master, who will do a very quality work for you! Because it's till the end of your life!


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I can tell you a lot about tattoo shops) I know everything about quality of shops!

07/18/2017 1:31am

The tatto shop in foreign state being a trend because some of them know that is was part of arts. It start from hobbies till being a business. For example, if you have a hobby in photography you could use for a business such as photo studio, photobooth, magazine photo, or anything else.


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